Sips with Sophie: Pumpkins to Peppermint

‘Tis the season to transition the house from all its pumpkin glory to Christmas everything! Unless your tradition is to wait until Christmas Eve – in that case, you have ten days to go!

Growing up, my grandfather gifted us with those jumbo peppermint sticks. He was quite the fan of peppermint. On a table in his living room, he kept a candy jar full of Starlight peppermints. And he often indulged in York peppermint patties.

While I never became a York fan (not enough chocolate IMHO), those starlights and jumbo sticks prompted a love for peppermint baking this time of year.

Photo by Jill Wellington on

For example, I alternate each Christmas baking either an eggnog cheesecake or a peppermint cake. This year, I will try my hand again at the peppermint cake. The frosting is the hardest to perfect. I’m not a huge frosting fan for the outside of the cake. I prefer more cake and the frosting accent between layers. It’s always fun to try, however!

Photo by Jared Kaeb on

(Note: This is NOT a picture of my cake! I couldn’t find any pics of my not so piece de resistance – lucky you!)

I also enjoy making white chocolate peppermint M&M cookies and chocolate mocha cookies with a peppermint swirl, made from Andes candies. Give me some fun cookie flavors any day over boring chocolate chip!

I’ve recently discovered a recipe for white chocolate peppermint scones with peppermint cream! Follow me on Instagram to find out how they turn out on Christmas morning!

While Jesus really is the reason for the season, it wouldn’t be Christmas without Christ and without peppermint!

What about you? What flavors define your Christmas celebration?

Merry Christmas!

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on

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